Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Musical Interlude

So my new car* has XM radio in it, and let me tell you, this could be the greatest gift to mankind of our generation. Seriously. I'm in a constant state of musical bliss. Awesome new music on demand, instead of the overplayed, overhyped, fascist ClearChannel-monopoly sewage that dominates the FM airwaves. Access to music that's actually made by musicians instead of constructed by corporate interests is awesome!

As I've mentioned a time or two before, I'm totally a music person. And ever since XM? Well, I've been going a little crazy. Crazy as in keeping a notebook and a pen within reach at all times in the car, so I can write down the info on songs I dig. Making mix cds for just about every music person I know. Sharing the awesome stuff I'm coming across is really fun, though. I love giving and recieving hot new music tips. I've pretty much been spending my time in my room with iTunes up on the laptop and an ever-shrinking pile of blank cds nearby.

I listen to stuff from lots of different genres, but my favorites usually have an indie sort of sound with pop sensibilities and catchy hooks. Especially when it borders almost on Beatle-esque. And since I've been having so much fun sharing, I'm going to go ahead and do so here, so if that's your style, too, here's the playlist that's been dominating my airwaves lately. All the songs are available on iTunes. I was gonna give you a nice little description of each of them, but it's late and work's busy, so go check'em out yourself when you've got a minute.

1) Oh Shoplifter -- The Stills
2) Try Again -- Hail Social
3) So Free -- Hello Operator
4) Once and Never Again -- The Long Blondes
5) When We Were Young -- Dolores O'Riordan
6) Insomnia -- Novillero
7) Stuck for the Summer -- Two Hours Traffic
8) This is a Song -- The Magic Numbers
9) Dirty Mouth -- Hot Hot Heat
10) You Blanks -- Portastic
11) Turn Off / Turn On -- Mascott
12) Yer Not The Ocean -- The Tragically Hip
13) Of Angels and Angles -- The Decemberists
14) What I'm Trying To Say -- Stars
15) Every Day -- Voxtrot
16) Hey Now Now -- The Cloud Room
17) Another Pilot -- Hey Rosetta!
18) She Moves In Her Own Way -- The Kooks
19) Upside Down Frown -- They Might Be Giants
20) Feint -- No Second Troy
21) Don't Walk Away Eileen -- Sam Roberts


* Did I mention I got a new car on my summer vacation? I did. She's got great curves, killer headlights, and just the right amount of junk in the trunk. In fact, she's my new girlfriend and we're gonna get married and be in love forEVER. Here's a couple pics:

My Baby

Pretty Lights


SarahLeigh said...

You're right. She's hot.

Beach Bum said...

Because I'm too cheap to spend a buck a song, I had to resort to my faithful russian website, but unfortunately they only had half the songs you posted here... Of those, I found 3 I like, and downloading them as we speak (for a total of $0.60 charge)! Thanks!

I-66 said...

From one XM subscriber to another... I feel you.

I have a memo page in my Treo dedicated to songs to download.

red said...

Love me some XM! God bless my XBF for giving me his password! Sadly, my computer at work can only take it sometimes.

The new boy has Sirius, and I haven't really gotten to mess with it much, though it has some cool stuff. I've heard it opined, however, that XM is better. P'r'aps 'tis.

NotCarrie said...

I am obsessed with XM! 47 is my current favorite station. We should exchange mix CDs.

and your car is hott.

care said...

I like having a friend who has XM. It benefits me too! ;)

Lisa said...

Because I'm musically un-hip, I don't know any of those songs. But very happy for you about the new car and XM!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who keeps up with the the latest groups, but what's funny about him is that he's described it as being alot of "work" to do this (as in, not something he does because he enjoys doing it). He's kind of weird that way.